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but this echo chamber sounds so good…

As I mentioned in this post from a few days ago, I am generally disappointed in the state of the media these days. Most media outlets have either become propaganda outlets or resigned themselves to reporting “he-says-she-says” news without any … Continue reading

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the problem with news aggregators, ctd. (or, sympathy does not mean agreement)

Last week, I posted about a misleading headline on the Daily Caller website that implied equal guilt between Republicans and Democrats when it came to paying bloggers for coverage, a charge that I felt was not adequately backed up by … Continue reading

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iPad v kindle? this apple fanboy chooses kindle

(A little change of pace for Monday, tech rather than politics.) Anyone observing my tech purchasing patterns over the last six years (since I got my first Apple laptop, a 12″ PowerBook G4, which I still keep around for sentimental … Continue reading

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what a difference 47 years makes

Forty-seven years ago, we heard from a Reverend who appealed to secular values to make his point. Yesterday, we heard from a TV Personality that appealed to religion to make his. Continue reading

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laughing to keep from crying: the state of the u.s. media

Earlier this week, the Daily Show did a segment in which Wyatt Cenac and John Oliver debated, quite convincingly, whether Fox News’ coverage of the Cordoba House controversy was Evil or Stupid. At issue was Fox’s questioning the Cordoba House … Continue reading

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the lessons of ultimate

Christine Bader says that Ultimate should serve as an example to corporations to police themselves. I disagree. Continue reading

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The NAACP and Glenn Beck are sparring over who’s rally MLK Jr. would attend on 8/28 were he alive. I think the whole debate is wrong. Continue reading

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