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don’t miss this – 09.29.10

Ezra Klein highlights the problems in the Senate that go beyond the filibuster. When we’ve totally depleted this planet, we can just go to this one 21 light-years away. Obama is committed to making sure we look forward, not backward. … Continue reading

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thoughts that stuck, ctd.

I grew up in a churchgoing family. Between middle school and leaving for college, I went to church (United Church of Christ) most Sundays, and was a member of the youth choir. Despite that, I have never been a religious … Continue reading

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don’t miss this – 09.28.10

A school in Massachusetts defies expectations. At one point, I respected Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) as someone who was willing to speak truth to power. No longer. I would not have expected to find this artist on professional wrestler Mick … Continue reading

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don’t miss this – 09.27.10

Sometimes small town governments scare me. Dan Savage is starting a YouTube channel to help gay teens through tough times. NYTimes interview with Savage here. (h/t the Daily Dish) Rachel Maddow covers John McCain’s reaction to the DADT hearing.

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the coming debt crisis

I’m worried about the debt we’re accumulating. I think that we are going to leave our children so far in the red that they may never be able to get out from under our obligation. And I worry about this … Continue reading

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guest post: “responsible consumption” within an unsustainable way of life

(editor’s note: This is the first [and hopefully not last] guest post. It was written by my friend Nicholas Kramer, who has commented extensively elsewhere on this site. It is a response to my post on “responsible consumption”.) The core … Continue reading

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don’t miss this – 09.23.10

(Hometown flavor alert) We should all be hoping this man wins his re-election bid. Especially when the alternative is this guy. Republicans: RABBLE RABBLE DEFICIT BAD RABBLE Republican Platform: Well, maybe not THAT bad. (h/t Matt Yglesias) And this is just … Continue reading

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