thoughts that stuck, ctd.

Following up on my post from yesterday, the Daily Show recently had a segment on mosque protests in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, that highlighted the problem of the internet validating views that might not have been socially acceptable in an internet-free world.

In the segment “Tennessee No Evil“, Aasif Mandvi interviews Laurie Cardoza-Moore, a woman in Tennessee who is opposed to construction of a mosque (8:10 in the clip):

Cardoza-Moore: We know we’ve got a huge terrorist network here in Tennessee. The Nashville Islamic Center appears to be the mothership…

Mandvi: Wait, you know about the mothership?

Cardoza-Moore: Everybody knows about the mothership.

Mandvi: How do you know so much?

Cardoza-Moore: Internet. All you have to do, I mean, Google… and you can find out anything. I mean, come on? You think we’re fools?

Now granted, this is the Daily Show, so by no means is this a reliable news source. It seems like there’s a cut during Cordoza-Moore’s last sentence. But I think that her general message was conveyed: she relies on the internet for her beliefs to at least some extent. And I think it’s likely that the internet gave her these ideas as well (5:30 in the clip):

Cordoza-Moore: You believe that the Jews and the Christians are the infidels, and they are, according to the Koranic teachings, supposed to be killed… Islam is a political system of global domination… 30%, based on the numbers that were done, are terrorists… a husband can beat his wife on the sofa… pork is not served on any entree.

Again, these statements could use context, but they paint a picture of someone who has read some “facts” on the internet which confirm her pre-existing bias, and incorporates them into her worldview as totally truthful. But the real beauty is in the last exchange in that segment:

Mandvi: You do know I’m Muslim, right?

Cordoza-Moore: Nobody’s perfect.

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