don’t miss this – 10.04.10

  • Andrew Sullivan at the Daily Dish and Glenn Greenwald at Salon have been engaged in a back-and-forth debate over President Obama’s authorization of the assassination of Anwar al-Awlaki. Sullivan began it here, Greenwald poses some questions here, Sullivan rebuts, and Greenwald has the final word (for now). It’s all worth reading, though I’m inclined to agree with Greenwald on this one.
  • There are so many upsetting stories about communities making a stink about Muslims in their midst that I thought I should point out this one about a community of Bosniaks in Idaho building a mosque without anyone trying to move it six blocks further away.
  • Dan Savage goes off on a reader over the culture of shame that many Christians impose on gay teens.
  • And I just couldn’t resist posting a paragraph from this article on “hooking up” at colleges these days. Sounds more like a middle school dance to me, but who can tell what the kids these days are getting up to:

    “Any student that ‘goes out’ more than bi-monthly at arguably any university can attest to the existing, prevalent hookup scene. For those of you that are otherwise unfamiliar, let me briefly explain: girls stand on one end of the bar, boys stand on the other. Sometimes girls and boys may commingle around the beer pong table in the back, or the jukebox in the front, but it’s rare. As the night drones on, and the $3 pitchers continue circulating, the reality of last call compels the boy and girl at opposite ends of the bar to order one last shot of liquid courage before embarking on the quest for a hookup. This quest typically involves no more than a shared glance, brief exchange of ‘what’s up’/ ‘not much, you?’ before the two are stumbling out together.”

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