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it’s chill. i stayed at a holiday inn express last night.

The issue of “experts” is a tricky one. There are so many people out there who pass themselves off as experts in one area or another that it often becomes difficult to distinguish the frauds from the genuine article. And … Continue reading

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why it matters

Imagine the following: the IPCC releases a report comparing the growth in electricity sector emissions to the growth in sequestration resulting from reforestation projects. The report cites statistics from 1995 – 2008, finding that emissions from the electric sector are … Continue reading

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long live king coal?

James Fallows at the Atlantic has a piece up this week about the impossibility of weaning ourselves off of coal: To environmentalists, “clean coal” is an insulting oxymoron. But for now, the only way to meet the world’s energy needs, … Continue reading

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it’s not (just) the economy, stupid

  Leading up to last week’s elections, both parties were trying to set the framework for Wednesday’s talking points with two competing explanations for the Republican resurgence that we ended up seeing. The Republicans would have us all believe that … Continue reading

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2010 election reaction

  So now we know what the next two years will look like. Yesterday’s election didn’t really hold that many surprises, the Dems lost the House like everyone said they would, and kept the Senate, like most people guessed. In … Continue reading

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On California Propositions

You can find my views of the nine Propositions on the California-wide ballot at the following links: Prop 19 – Legalize Marijuana (Update here) Props 20 and 27 – Redistricting Amendments Prop 21 – Vehicle Fee for State Parks Prop 22 – Walling … Continue reading

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Prop 26 – Eliminate Taxation through Fees

Proposition 26 – Requires that certain state and local fees be approved by two-thirds vote. Fees include those that address adverse impacts on society or the environment caused by the fee-payer’s business. Initiative constitutional amendment. Measure Details: Would expand the … Continue reading

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