For the moment, I’m speechless.

Wisconsin Republicans circumvented the quorum requirements for votes on budget today (the 14 Democratic senators had fled Wisconsin specifically to prevent that quorum being reached) by stripping out all of the fiscal aspects of the bill and passing only the portions of the bill that cripple collective bargaining in the state.

This is not how a representative democracy is supposed to work.

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2 Responses to appalling

  1. Peter Witucki says:

    Exploiting a loophole to pass controversial legislation is not surprising, it’s business as usual for both parties.

    The apparent blatant violation of the Open Meetings Law is more troubling to me.

    But I share your general sentiment: it’s shocking to pull these parliamentary tricks while under such public scrutiny.

    Bottom line though: this is EXACTLY how a representative democracy works – when only half the eligible voters show up on election day.

    • frouglas says:

      Absolutely right that exploiting a loophole isn’t surprising, which is too bad.

      The thing that appalls me, though, is the death of compromise in American politics. Swinging back and forth between increasingly polarized agendas just means that we’ll basically never get anything done.

      It’s kind of funny . . . this behavior by Walker and the Wisconsin Republicans makes me happier with some of the concessions I’ve seen Obama make in a bunch of different pieces of legislation lately.

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