no mandates, except on the most private of issues

I read this article on FrumForum today about the Wyoming Legislature’s attempt to repeal a law requiring landlords to install Carbon Monoxide detectors. When FrumForum contacted the author of the bill, Representative Wayne Stahl (R) asking about the justification for the bill he initially replied

“It’s either got to be one way or the other, you either mandate everybody to do it, you don’t just pick out certain people to make them do it. You either make it equal to everyone under the constitution or don’t do it at all.”

They contacted him for further clarification on why he was trying to repeal the bill rather than extending it to cover everyone:

Stahl stated that “As a member of the Republican Party, I don’t believe in mandates.” He also argued that this was what the landlords’ association wanted and that he decided to end the mandate because the law to terminate it “had already been written in that way.”

Ok, fine. He doesn’t believe in mandates. That’s a reasonable position to have, right? I mean, I don’t necessarily agree with it, but some people think the government should be “hands off”. But when you look closer at his voting record, it seems that he’s not always against mandates…

  • Stahl voted to repeal Montana’s Medical Marijuana Law, which allowed “certain patients with specific medical conditions to alleviate their symptoms through the limited use of marijuana under medical supervision”
  • He also voted yes on HB 167, which “amends the existing definition of ‘deliberate homicide’, which is punishable by death, life imprisonment, or imprisonment for 10 to 100 years in the state prison, to include causing the death of an unborn child.”

So he’s against the government telling you what to do . . . except when we’re talking about some of the most personal health decisions a person can make.

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