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but research is so HARD

Another one from Instapundit Glenn Reynolds: Under the heading “HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: U.S. History, as taught at Bowdoin“, Reynolds linked to this article which cites a recent article in the Claremont Review of Books bemoaning the state of the … Continue reading

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the unserious serious man

Last week, the interwebs were abuzz with conservatives falling over themselves to praise the “seriousness” of Rep. Paul Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity“. David Brooks, writing the morning of its release said that it would “set the standard of seriousness for … Continue reading

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can the rich afford to pay more taxes?

In the recent fights over how to balance the budget and lower the deficit, one of the most common themes I’ve heard is the huge tax burden that we are imposing on the rich. I heard Rand Paul say it … Continue reading

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the american (pipe?) dream, ctd

The Onion’s take on it.,19846/  

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the american (pipe?) dream

    I’ve been a little slow on posting lately, partially because I’ve been making some decisions about what the next year holds for me, visiting grad schools and trying to choose between them (if you care, I have decided … Continue reading

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