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may the best team win, unless there’s a screwup by the ump

If you follow baseball at all, you’ve probably heard about the (admittedly) blown call in Tuesday’s 19-inning marathon game between the Braves and the Pirates. I was watching this game live, and I couldn’t believe it. The throw beat the … Continue reading

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defining your own reality

At the Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin has a post on the “Ten things that happen if the Boehner bill gets through“. It’s an astonishing exercise in current Republican thought: the theories of Conservatism (tax cuts = good, government = bad) … Continue reading

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playing games with the debt ceiling

It has been, at times, mind-boggling to watch the debates over the debt ceiling. It seems like Democrats are continually offering more and more (Reid’s most recent proposal gives up on the idea of any tax increases) while Republicans say … Continue reading

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killers vs. chillers

Building off of a Mother Jones article about the increased demands on workers with commensurate increases in pay, David Roberts at Grist describes his own approach: the “medium chill”. [My wife and I] now have a smallish house in a nondescript … Continue reading

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long live king coal, ctd.

Awhile back, I wrote about James Fallows’ cheerleading on behalf of clean coal, and my own skepticism about the future of carbon capture and sequestration (CCS). My issues with Fallows’ article stemmed more from a distorting/omitting of the data than … Continue reading

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armed to the teeth

I frequently find myself scrolling through the posts on The Corner over at National Review Online, precisely because the views expressed there so frequently run completely counter to mine. It’s a good place to see smart people embrace philosophies with … Continue reading

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a non-green argument for efficiency standards, ctd.

Reihan Salam responds to my argument on efficiency standards. He’s not buying my arguments (though I’m not particularly surprised by that). His rebuttal to my claim that the only way to eliminate the spillover effect where someone else’s consumption affects … Continue reading

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