defining your own reality

At the Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin has a post on the “Ten things that happen if the Boehner bill gets through“. It’s an astonishing exercise in current Republican thought: the theories of Conservatism (tax cuts = good, government = bad) are irrefutable facts, regardless of what “reality” might have to say about it.

Among her ten things:

  • “The Boehner bill becomes the inevitable solution to the crisis.” Sure. That’s a thing that will happen if the bill gets passed… unless the bill doesn’t solve the crisis. Like if it just pushes off the debt fight until For example, it gets passed, we have another debt limit battle in the midst of an election season, and the increased tension of the pending election makes the current circus look like an exercise in good governance.
  • “The rap on the Tea Party that it is incapable of governing will be proven false.” Um… yeah. The passage of this bill (which Tea Partiers weren’t wild about in its first iteration) does not “prove” that the Tea Party is capable of governance. Even if this bill works wonders for the economy, and we’re in full recovery a year from now, that doesn’t prove that they’re capable of governance. Like they say, even a broken clock is right twice a day.
  • “The rap that the Republicans are divided between the Tea Party and everyone else will be disproven as well.” In 2001, the Patriot Act passed 99-1. I missed the part where this disproved the idea that America is divided between Republicans and Democrats. One joint vote does not a unified caucus make.
  • “Obama won’t have any excuse for the rotten economy.” Republicans get their demands met, without giving up any concessions to the Democrats, and that means that Obama takes ownership of the economy? Sure, that makes tons of sense.

If the Boehner bill passes, and the economy starts to make a stunning turnaround, Washington starts running smoothly and the Tea Party movement continues to grow, then this article might make sense a year from now in a “The Boehner bill: A turning point” way. But to write these things as if they’re assured following the passage of the Boehner bill? It highlights the arrogance of the Republican Party, the same arrogance that led us into two wars and a prolonged recession: “Conservative ideology assumes these outcomes. What could possibly go wrong?”

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