song of the day

If you’ve met me, you probably know that I’m a huge music fan.  I’m listening to something pretty much 24/7. So, one of the things I’m going to do with this space is share some of the music that I’m listening to. I will (try to) post a song a day. No other guidelines. It may be an old song, it may be a new song, no specific genre or style. Sometimes, I’ll write a bit about why I like the song, or what it means to me. Sometimes I won’t.

Here, in all of their glory, are the collected songs of the day.

02.08.11 – “The Great Communicator”, by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

02.07.11 – “Seven Nation Army (Glitch Mob Remix)”, by the White Stripes

02.05.11 – “Green and Yellow”, by Lil’ Wayne

02.01.11 – “Look At What The Light Did Now”, by Feist

01.31.11 – “Joburg Jam”, by Pogo

01.27.11 – “Times and Things”, by Andy Berkhout

01.26.11 – “Basic Space”, by the xx

01.25.11 – “The Piper’s Song”, by Gypsy and the Cat

01.24.11 – “Everlasting Light”, by the Black Keys

01.20.11 – “The Charm”, by Maps and Atlases

01.19.11 – “still”, by jj

01.12.11 – “Always Breathe”, by Airport 85

01.11.11 – “Somebody Loves You”, by the Eels

01.06.11 – “Home”, by Jorge and Alexa Narvaez

01.05.11 – “Dark Fantasy”, by Kanye West

01.03.11 – “It Was Not Meant To Be”, by Tame Impala

12.22.10 – “Wisconsin”, by Bon Iver

12.15.10 – “The Wolves”, by Ellie Goulding



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