09.02.10 – “set yourself on fire”, by stars

(Image from thereheis.com, edited by me)

Listening to music and reading are two of my favorite things, and only get better when combined. I’ve noticed that at times, this will lead to an almost subconscious association between the books I read and the music I’m listening to while I read them. The most notable example of this is my association of Atlas Shrugged with the album “Set Yourself on Fire”, by Stars (iTunes link). I was introduced to Stars shortly before leaving for Sweden to spend the summer there as an intern at the Stockholm Environment Institute. While in Sweden, I read Atlas Shrugged for the first time, while listening to a lot of Stars in my tiny apartment on Södermalm.

So, because I’m posting about Ayn Rand tonight over on the main page, I thought that a selection from Stars would be appropriate. Today’s song of the day is the title track off of “Set Yourself on Fire”, by Stars.

UPDATE: A burn so good, I had to put it up here, even though I don’t agree with it. In response to my calling “Set Yourself on Fire” the soundtrack to Atlas Shrugged:

“because after reading it, you want to set yourself on fire. Because it sucks.” well played, @Cesario25.

“Set Yourself on Fire”, by Stars (iTunes)


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